Peace Lutheran Church

Greetings in Jesus Christ! In compliance with the St. Louis County Health Department Mandates of Nov 18, 2020 and February 09, 2021, we are operating at 50% capacity.

We will hold Sunday morning services indoors at 8:00, 9:20, and at 10:30AM. Saturday service will remain Drive-In to accommodate those who, due to health concerns or other factors, are yet reticent to enter the building. Our Saturday Drive-in service is at 5:00PM.

Masks & Social Distancing

Anyone over the age of 5 is encouraged to wear a mask while in the building or in close contact with other church members. By God’s grace, we have had no members contract SARS-COV2 from being here at church. Let’s work to keep that record going!

Entering the Building

There are two places designated as entrances to the building. From the West parking lot, the north doors, near the playground.

From the East parking lot, the left-hand doors on the main entry (next to the handicap door) will be designated as the entrance.

A barrier strip and signage will be set up to designate the flow areas for entering and leaving the facility via the eastern doors.

The entrance direction will give your group the opportunity to check your mail slot. Do so before going to find a seat, since the exit flow will not pass the mail slots.

Finding a Seat

Social distancing guidelines designate that six feet of distance be maintained between groups of persons. Families, for example, can sit together as normal, but should sit at least six feet from another family. The number of “group placements” in the Sanctuary is limited because of social distancing restrictions. To try to keep things flowing smoothly, seek guidance from the ushers and other helpers (wearing masks and gloves) who will:

Greet your group in the Narthex and see how many persons you have.

Point out another usher in the Sanctuary who will be standing next to the pew in which your group can sit. The usher will designate the space in the pew in which your group should sit. Keep in mind that for longer pews, the designation may be the center of the pew rather than an aisle seat.

Only every other pew will be utilized to maintain forward and backward distancing.

When the Sanctuary reaches its group capacity, the ushers will close the space to further usage and designate groups to enter Sanctuary Hall.

The chairs in Sanctuary Hall will be spaced to also observe the social distancing guidelines.

We cannot allow persons to sit in the balcony who are not members of the technology or music teams on duty during that service.

Exiting the Building

After the service, please stay in your seat until the usher directs you to leave. The ushers will excuse rows from their seats to ensure an orderly, safe flow out of the building.

From the Sanctuary to the West parking lot: the western door out of the Sanctuary, located under the balcony stairs, will lead to the side hall and into the Gym. From there, exit will proceed out the southern doors of the gym to the south-going hall of the education wing. This will lead to the exit doors on the south end of the parking lot, closer to the street.

From the Sanctuary to the East parking lot: the eastern door out of the sanctuary is located to the right of the Pentecost window. The other option is to go to the main east entryway and out the portion designated as the exit.

From Sanctuary Hall: Rather than going back into the main Commons area via the north doors (under the cross), persons in the Hall will go out via the south doors (under the window). The western doors will lead out the old entrance into the western lot, the eastern doors will lead to the exit doors on the south end of the parking lot, closer to the street.


When the usher comes to your row, he will designate when your group should leave your space to walk forward. Walk in the middle of the aisle rather than against the pews to help maintain distance from other groups of worshippers.

Go up as normal toward the chancel and the communion rail.

Rather than waiting for persons to kneel at the rail, go directly to the Elder holding the bread of the Host. He will drop the wafer into your hand.

Proceed to the Pastor who will have the tray with the individual cups. Take a cup, drink, and then return to your seat along the aisle designated by the usher, placing the cup in the receptacle as you go.

If there is an overflow into Sanctuary Hall, an usher will come and escort the persons there into the Sanctuary for communion, and then direct them back to the Hall afterward.

Note on Sanitation

It is our intention to keep the surfaces of the building as sanitized as possible. Custodians will be sanitizing the bathrooms during each service and cleaning commonly touched surfaces in the Sanctuary and Sanctuary Hall between services. Elders, ushers, and security members will be wearing masks and gloves. For the sake of all persons, please try to minimize hand contact with surfaces in the building.

Other Coronavirus Adjustments at Peace

There is no Sunday School yet, but plans are underway!

Out of concern for our visitors and our staff, the Church Office is closed to visitors unless necessary. Please call the church office at (314) 892-5610 to make an appointment with the appropriate staff member.

All gatherings and meetings at church outside of the Divine Service are subject to the County Health guidelines.

Employees are allowed and encouraged to work from home as much as possible.


For Synod's response, please visit