My family and I have been blessed to have the Peace Early Childhood Program available to our daughter. She looks forward to attending, loves her teachers and has made several friends. As a parent and a former employee, I know how difficult it can be to find a facility you trust with caring for your child. In my experiences at Peace, I have always found the staffs’ encounters with my child to be friendly, patient and caring. In addition, they continually provide a stimulating educational environment for my daughter with a moral environment characterized by Christian ideals. I highly recommend Peace Early Childhood Program. You will receive the type of care you would give your own child.

                                                                          Pam Sanders


We enrolled our son Robert in Peace Lutheran Preschool when he was three years old. We wanted him to not only be prepared for school, but also to do so in a Christian environment. Robert was in Mrs. Mathany’s class for two years before starting kindergarten. Robert got a real head start at Peace and not just with ABC’s and 123’s. The caring Christian environment has helped him to become the happy, loving child he is to this day. Robert made friends at Peace that he will be able to keep for a lifetime. As a parent it is very hard to leave your child with someone, but it is great for them to grow and become independent. We are blessed to be able to send Robert to Peace Lutheran Preschool: it gave us great piece of mind.

                                                                   Julie Rothmeyer


Peace Daycare has been a huge part of the mold that has made me become who I am. The teachers are so caring and compassionate and they always try to help. Whenever you would fall and hurt yourself on the playground, they are always there to help you up. I have been at Peace Daycare since I was two years old. This whole time I thought that there would be no other place I could go and I was right. Peace Daycare is an amazing preschool and childcare center and I am so thankful to have these people be a part of my childhood because without them, I would not be the person I am now.

                                                                    Anna Renner


All three of our children attended Peace Lutheran Preschool and we could not have been happier with their time there. Our oldest son has a late July birthday, so we were not sure if he would be ready for kindergarten after the four-year-old preschool class. When he was tested at the end of the school year, it was determined that he was definitely ready. We sent him to kindergarten the next year at Green Park Lutheran School and he did great. The teachers at Peace are focused on the development of each child. They fully realize that each child is different, especially at the young ages of three and four. Beyond the actual “ABC” learning, we were happy and felt it very necessary to have our children receive their education in a Christian environment. When a lesson can be learned in the context of Christianity, it makes the child more prepared to handle whatever life brings them. Their morals are more grounded because they are grounded in God., not the world. We would definitely recommend Peace Lutheran Preschool to anyone with small children.

                                                            Sara and Alan Hopfer