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Peace Lutheran Daycare provides a Christian atmosphere of learning. We believe that the children of today are the hope of tomorrow; the future. We assist in the development of the person they become. Our first priority is that the influence we have is a positive one. Our goal is to help children glide from one area of development to another with ease and confidence. We meet their physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs at each stage of development. The way in which we teach each youngster's life today will have a lifelong effect on that child's personality and potential for success. The Daycare staff will provide your child with the loving guidance that children need in the formative years. The best assurance for the success of your child's experience is the close cooperation and understanding of parents and staff. Feel free to ask questions at any time, no matter how insignificant you think they are.

We want to be that special "home away from home" where your child can laugh and learn.

Center Hours
Our Daycare is open Monday - Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but closes promptly.


Classroom Structure
Our classrooms are arranged in learning centers. Centers may include art, dramatic play, science, writing, quiet time, manipulative, blocks and cooking. The children are divided by age groups of ages 2-3 and 3-5.

During your visit to our classroom, you will observe children in various stages of interaction. You will see play. Children begin to make sense of the world in which they live through play. Play is essential for children to learn. Curiosity, self-esteem, language, problem solving, mathematics, cooperation, endurance and fun are just a few of the many components that are developed and enriched when children play.

Summer Months
During the summer months, we welcome schoolagers into daycare. This program was developed in 1998. The purpose is to provide a fun experience for the schoolagers while they are off of school. We offer field trips, crafts, sports and cooking.

Mission Statement

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