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Core values are the essential and enduring tenets or the small set of guiding principles by which an organization endeavors to carry out its mission. These values form the foundation upon which an organization builds its efforts to make a significant contribution to the world. They provide a check for the motivation for all activities in which an organization is engaged.

Our core values are based on the Gospel foundation which is the heart of Peace Lutheran's mission.

  • Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused:
    The Cross is our Theology - we make our journey as baptized children of God who have already been united to Christ the crucified in whom we live and serve in His Church
  • Confessional:
    Demonstrating our confession of Christ through all individual and congregational activities.

  • Sacramental:
    Affirming that faithful Word and Sacrament ministry always celebrates our forgiveness, life and salvation in Christ.
  • Faithful Disciples:
    Trusting that our Lord will deepen our faith, heighten our desire to participate and make disciples through the message of the Gospel.
  • Compassionate:
    Embodying our desire to care for and serve one another and all people (family, congregation, community, country, all nations) in the love and compassion of our Lord.

  • Liturgical Worship:
    Acknowledging that the liturgy confesses the faith of the scripture in a form which engages the heart, mind, body, and soul.

Mission Statement

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